To physically beat someone so severely, they end up dying from their injuries. To beat the living shit outta someone. To seriously whoop somebodys ass.
He said he could see me with the hands, but I clearly murked that motherfucker
by Finesse May 6, 2004
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to kill. beat the shit outta somone
You gotta leavem all murked befo u go!
by Zakkary April 4, 2005
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to eliminate somethin badly, could be beating somebody up badly, finished some food in its entirety, and/or murder someone or somethin.
Dawg, on thanksgivin, i'm finna murk all that food
by isaiah1 November 28, 2005
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to win, beat or kill someone or something
Yo does anyone know when "Animals merk niggaz" is on?
by Austin Williams April 6, 2005
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They sayin they gon murk 50 Cent. How? They ridin round wit gunz sa size of Lil Bow Wow.
by Amber bka Lil Mike February 12, 2003
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To be eliminated, executed, or smashed by great defeat. Can refer to life or a game (video or sport), but nothing else.
Correct: Billy Costigan (DiCaprio) was murked in an elevator in "The Departed."

Wrong: I murked that bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.
by Titanic1912 December 3, 2008
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