1. shortform of brazil or brazilian

2. in online gaming:

i)Brazilian: A respectable and knowledgeable online gamer who hails from the South American nation of Brazil.

ii)Br: A dumbass online gamer who also hails from Brazil but is ignorant of rules and disrespectful of fellow gamers. Uses his or her lack of knowledge of the English language to try and get away with breaking rules

iii) can be used as a deregatory term to fellow online gamers who are displaying acts of stupidity
Damn Br stole my kill

I feel sorry for normal brazillians, their reputations are tarnished because of those dumbass Br's

Your acting like a Br
by Squishmanchu February 26, 2006
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There is one meaning of this word, that is "Dumbass." So if anyone calls you a br, be offended.
Br: Br?
Random_noob: YOU ARE OMFG
by Snat April 7, 2005
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short for "Bruh"
person1: I deleted my porn folder
person1: br
by ­­ August 10, 2021
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short for Brazil, usually seen in names, such as DoloBR, meaning that the player is brasilian
hey AndrossBR! Brasil r0x0rz
by Andross March 31, 2004
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br is a Shorthand of "bruh"
John: My dog died in Minecraft.
Bob: br.

Jeff: i got fired from my job.
by Taim5454 August 18, 2023
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an abbreviated version of the term "bong rip"
dude, let's take BRs before we go to Del
by Holden_Kills May 17, 2007
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An acronym use for the "band room" often used by band geeks.
Band Geek: This class sucks, I'm going to the BR.

Student: Are you taking the bus home today?
Band Geek: No, I have to go to the BR.
by janmgii April 10, 2007
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