Annoying face with a beak-like mouth used by Spanish people
usually accompanied by a "XDDD" "xDD"
by 514mtl_man August 28, 2019
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After illegally downloading code, the FBI v& the man.
by Eebbs January 29, 2009
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by NELady April 10, 2010
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You tried to paste but forgot to press cmd/ctrl, you IDIOT
Here I got the link: v
by ENDA_DUDE November 5, 2020
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"Pac-Man" face, overused commonly by Spanish people. You can easily identify if someone's Spanish or Portuguese thanks to the ":v"

Usually, it's used at the ending of a sentence. There's no meaning for this combination at all; People usually use it as a way to express sarcasm or irony.
When te echas una novia but resulta que era tu profesora :V
by Guineu August 29, 2019
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The written way of doing the gesture of the gangster peace sign: pound chest, pound chest, peace.
Another way of saying "goodbye"
from the awesomeness of the word bank of the yipster pimpster and the wangster gangster.
-So I'll see you tomorrow, ok?
-Yea, see ya. ##V
by neverlandfairy August 30, 2010
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