Another word for a ladies never-regions.
i couldn't wait to tell the boys how tight her vee-vee was.

I victimised her vee-vee last night.
by humphreyc July 28, 2011
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a girl,typically of the upper class status,whom obsesses over name brands such as: hollister,abercrombie,american eagle,etetc.Who ofter uses the phrases: "like omg" or "no way! like totally". Can often be sighted at a shopping mall, or at a jonas brothers concert. Or anyone experiencing a "vee-vee moment" can also be labeled as a vee-vee. Anyone completely clueless toa situation can also be a vee-vee.
That girl wearing the A and F hoodie was such a vee-vee.
by alex balot July 11, 2008
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A second girlfriend.
A backup girl when you are getting no action.
Man, I ain't gettin no play from the ladies.
Guess I'll call on Vee Vee.
by Bisquitboy October 12, 2008
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