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Another word for a ladies never-regions.
i couldn't wait to tell the boys how tight her vee-vee was.

I victimised her vee-vee last night.
by humphreyc July 28, 2011
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She is one loving girl! Most likely Tongan .She likes to have fun, outgoing, ect. But if you first meet her she'll be kinda quiet and shy. But once you get to know her, she'll be your best friend. As long as you dont talk behind her back. For guys ? She'll give guys a chance, as long as there personailty is great, and they are he is respectful and a good sense of humor. Just dont play with her feelings! Other then that, shes super cool.
"Ve'e Ve'e? Oh yeah I know her. She's the super chill one!"
by Itsmeeeeee December 29, 2012
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A second girlfriend.
A backup girl when you are getting no action.
Man, I ain't gettin no play from the ladies.
Guess I'll call on Vee Vee.
by Bisquitboy October 12, 2008
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a girl,typically of the upper class status,whom obsesses over name brands such as: hollister,abercrombie,american eagle,etetc.Who ofter uses the phrases: "like omg" or "no way! like totally". Can often be sighted at a shopping mall, or at a jonas brothers concert. Or anyone experiencing a "vee-vee moment" can also be labeled as a vee-vee. Anyone completely clueless toa situation can also be a vee-vee.
That girl wearing the A and F hoodie was such a vee-vee.
by alex balot July 10, 2008
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