Person1 - Just reached level 20, nub :D
Person2 - >:V

Person2 - o.o

Person1 - I gots a new MMO :D Join me >:V
Person2 - ;-;
by Omegataco January 18, 2008
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Is a common Macro for a bat.
He is also known as "Macro Bat"

Macro Bat is also known for disrupting a conversation for randomly appearing, though his dream is to fly in real life, he is forever trapped online, but always keeps a smile on his face.
He enjoys flying into conversations, random YTMND sites, and emails.
His favorite thing to do is listen to 80's and 90's music and heavily dislikes rap because of the bass.

Philip: Today I got a Nintendo Wii, though a PS3 would be nice I just don't have 640 dollars."
Dani: I'm sorry.
Philip: It's alright, I have an xbo ^v^...
Dani: Ugh, Macro bat.
by Hmmsphil April 3, 2007
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A cute, giddy, emoticon used to express happy crying, or general happiness.

The happy version of " ;-; ."

Can also be shown as " ;u; " or " ;w; ."
1.) I just fell on my face but its ok because I landed on a donut ;v;

2.) I just saw a porno in 3D I'm so happy ehehehe yessss ;v;
by Big Nothing May 7, 2013
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Created by Internet pioneer Joe Griffith in August of 1999, the :V is as ambiguous as it is masterful, representing a variety of expressions and emotions. Occasionally seen on the forums in one or more forms.
ForumMember1: My girlfriend just broke up with me on LiveJournal.
ForumMember2: You loser.
ForumMember3: :V
ForumMember2: Hey that sorta looks like Pacman!
by Captain Obvious June 28, 2004
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1. 22nd letter of the alphabet.
2. Biochemical symbol for valine.
3. Chemical symbol for vanadium.
4. Roman numeral rendered in Arabic numerals as 5.
5. Cool 1983 TV miniseries about an invasion of the Earth by aliens who are not as friendly as they at first appear.
6. Symbol of victory, used by the French resistance in the Second World War.
7. Main character in V for Vendetta, a graphic novel by Alan Moore, who dresses in a stylised Guy Fawkes costume and sets about tearing down the totalitarian government of Britain.
8. The same character as played by Hugo Weaving in the movie based on Moore's graphic novel.
9. Thomas Pynchon's first novel.
10. As the V sign, a hand symbol indicating either "we've got this under control" or "up yours", depending on the direction the palm is facing.
11. Sexual symbol; first letter of vulva or vagina, and the shape of the figure echoes the folds at the split in the groin. As related in the pop mystical tale of The Da Vinci Code, the letter is a symbol of the female principle or the womb, with an inverted V as that of the phallus.
12. With a full stop, informal shorthand for the word very.
13. Short for versus.
14. I could go on ...,
V. A very versatile letter.
by Fearman November 6, 2007
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an emoticon that uses for indicating a sarcastic word
its beautiful :v
by LateCat March 20, 2021
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