1.) The time required for a spell or action to reset before it can be used again (mainly used in video games)

2.) Natalie's mom
Natalie's mom is such a cool down
by McFloozy March 17, 2007
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This occurs after you have been aggressively having sex with your partner. Once finished with your shaft still hot, from the friction of your cock and nuts pounding puss as hard as it could, your wife or fuck buddy goes down to your manhood and lightly blows on it.
Once Billy got done checking Tammy's oil, Becky had the heart to give him a cool down.
by Wet Wednesday January 14, 2009
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Hey guys, we have been skiing for 12 straight hours now, lets do some cool down bumps and go to bed?
by Russian_Winter May 22, 2023
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The opposite of a cool down. When you are at the end of class and the coach says you are going to cool down but in reality it is just 15 more minutes of torture
“Hey Mike, are we done?”
“Yes - pretty much. Just the FightCamp cool down and you’re good to go!”
by GrootCock December 9, 2021
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The last beer of the night after drinking whiskey or other libations for multiple hours. Just like the cool down lap that the gym teacher in elementary school would make you walk.
I went out to dinner and had a few glasses of wine then went boozing at some bars. Had to stop and have a cool down beer at a hotel bar before I went to bed.
by MO78 August 4, 2012
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Before going to sleep in a hot non-air conditioned house - taking a shower, putting a wet wash cloth on your head, and hoping you fall asleep within 10 minutes before you are hot again
It was so hot at my mom's house I had to do a jersey cool down to fall asleep!
by SuzieBoween July 19, 2008
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The act of pouring hot steamy coffee on one's own dick, then having a female immediately eat a peppermint patty and then begin to give you a blowjob.
Bro 1: "Yo, bro beans, did she give you The Hot Steamy Coffee Cool Down last night?"

Bro 2: "Yeah dude! At first it hurt like shit, and then you're like oh shit, my dick is in peppermint heaven!"

Bro 1: "AW that's sick man! I for sure need to try that sometime!"
by BoBoBaggins November 30, 2012
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