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When you're in an argument, and since you're an intellectual, YOU CAN NOT, lose the argument, so you just go ahead and be like, "ur mom gay lol" AND THAT WILL DESTROY THEIR FUCKING CAREER AND THEIR WILL TO LIVE.
Me: Well to be fair-
Some Nigga: Shut the fuck up bro before I roast ur gum double ding kong nigger dooty smelly ass.
Me: ur mom gay lol
by Nyxu January 17, 2018
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by venediction May 27, 2020
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When u wanna win a fight say this but if they say no u after just commit deathpacito
Dickhead: Hey u are have small penis
Me: Yeah well ur mom gay lol
Dickhead: Fuck *runs away*
by NiggaStoleMyBeans March 16, 2019
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A roast originating from the Medieval Times. This had been used in a plethora of arguments throughout the human's existence. "Ur mom gay lol" is known to be the deadliest insult known to any life form in the universe; the lore surrounding it suggests that once this has been said, Earth will be expected to shatter in too many pieces.
Alex: My peepee is very huge, and u have a microscopic peepee
You: Fuck off asshat
Alex: Your just sad that u don't have a peepee
You: First of all speaking fucking English. Second, it is you're. Lastly, ur mom gay lol.
Alex: I don't feel so good
Alex: *fucking dissolves*
by Alt._.One June 08, 2018
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The worst insult in the history of insults. So powerful that if said once can kill a man. Often used in memes.
Guy 1: Lmao ur so gay!
Me: Ur mom gay lol.
Guy 1: *immediately gets killed by army of Ugandan gimps*
by Intellectual379 May 08, 2018
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A comeback so powerful that shriek keeps it in his swamp it has the power to kill man.
Jeff: Tyrone put down the KFC
Tyrone: Ur Mom gay lol
Jeff: dies and gets raped by 10 Mongolian sex slaves
by Lil cumstain February 11, 2018
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when the nigga's mom so gay, be he also tough, so you make it look like a joke.
yo Tyrone, you're mom gay, i mean, ur mom gay lol.
by Nyxu December 20, 2017
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