He's the cheesiest guy you will ever meet but he's also sweet, kind, and caring. Treasure him.
"I love you to the moon back" "Oh you're such an Irvin..."
by Chris Paul III November 9, 2013
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Irvin; a talented boy with a huge seance of humor, he loves all kids of rock music, has awesome hair, and its a perverted boy. Also very horny..The girls easily fall in love with him because he is awesome like that! Irvin is such a good friend!Once you meet him you'll never forget him.
i want an Irvin for my birthday!!
by waldo in my bed April 15, 2011
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An 18 year old dude in school who is always high 24/7.
Bro I know you an Irvin don't be cappin.
by Xxpolloloco21xX January 23, 2020
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The name Irvin is of Anglo-Saxon origin. Its meaning is, "lover of the sea". Irvin is a male name, commonly pronounced "urban" and usually used in bed when screaming out in pleasure
"ohh yehh do it to me Irvin style", "stick that irvin in me"
by Irvin October 29, 2006
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Irvin: also known as the "69er"

When a male and a female are recieving pleasure at the same time.

Man licks pussy while woman sucks dick
"Im so horny!! Lets do the Irvin!!"
by Mr Blimp April 24, 2008
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The weird guy who plays a bunch of video games. He has a boyfriend. Has a cute dog. Likes eating corn. Once again he’s a weird guy but he's chill.
Irvin is a weird guy.
by Bob from cr April 1, 2019
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