If someone has just said (free you), then you have probably just been (burnt). They are saying you need to be let loose from your embarrassment.
"You're ugly Zane" "Ahh free you Zane"
"Zane's so ugly" "Ha free the guy"
by lalalallalllalxallalalalal March 17, 2019
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Actually, this saying is ITSELF one of the LEAST “true” statements of all time… as we are all too painfully aware, “coming clean” to the powers-that-be (i.e., parents, teachers, policemen, etc.) seldom if ever actually gains or maintains your “freedom”; in fact, usually the **exact opposite** occurs whenever you bravely/penitently reveal your shameful secrets like this --- rather than their extending any significant “charity” (i.e., mercy or forgiveness) to you in response to your trustingly/naively-admitted revelations of past transgressions, these hypocritical and out-of-touch-with-reality sadists generally do everything they can to CURTAIL your freedom and otherwise make you as miserable as possible, such as giving you an extended time-out, grounding you for an outrageously-long period, making you stay in from recess, throwing you in the slammer for a few days, and so on. So unless there is some serious injustice that your silence is maintaining (such as that an innocent person is being blamed/punished for something that you did), it’s usually wise to follow Will Roger’s advice to “never pass up a good chance to shut up”… contrary to what these authority-figures may try to assure you, they generally do **not** “have your best interests at heart”… about all they actually wanna do is try to soothe their **own** perpetually-gnawing consciences by being overly hard on anyone under their care!
My conscience was pricking me after hearing the local minister preaching about “the truth shall set you free”, and so like the total dumba** that I am, I went to the police station and admitted to the desk-sergeant about my having swiped a few candy-bars and a couple bottles of soda from the local Circle-K over the past six months; rather than just smiling and praising me for “being a good boy” to be so honest, though, the officer merely slapped da cuffs on me and made me cool my heels in jail for 48 hours! Talk about a letdown --- he didn’t even seem to care about my protests that he was blatantly going against what the preacher had just said was supposed to happen when we admit our sins! I think I’ll sue that minister for misrepresentation and deceitful speech --- I shoulda merely kept my big mouth shut, just as I always have in the past regarding stuff like this! And then he wonders why he has such a hard time gaining or keeping church-members!
by QuacksO November 25, 2018
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when u can get free wifi anywhere u go, often followed up by a ring ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding.
Markass Brownley: Ayy John! i just found a new way to get free wifi anywhere you go!
John: No way bro!! ring ding ding ding ding ding ding ding
by corosite November 19, 2020
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In the end it’s better to tell the truth despite what happens because at least you won’t have that burden.
“How am I gonna tell my mom I crashed her truck? She'll kill me!”

“Listen the truth will set you free but first it’ll piss you off. That’s apart of life.”
by Joshlerandmel February 18, 2019
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You LITERALLY can't believe this if you don't know what constitutes 'truth.'
Hym "So he believes the truth will set you free but when it comes to whether or not the bible is true... He doesn't know what 'true' is. So, the X will set you free. X = ? Completely incoherent."
by Hym Iam June 13, 2024
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I don’t like the question. It’s a weird way to frame it.
Dr. I’m running out of names “Do you believe that the truth will set you free?”

Iam “I don’t like the question. And I don’t like it because it’s a loaded question. There’s this implicit assumption that I’m subjugated and then we get into this semantic realm where we’re trying to figure out what we’re being freed from and it’s just not all that interesting. ‘Well, through truth we’re freed from our ignorance’ and that’s just a banal answer that doesn’t really answer the question in spite of the fact that it answers the question. Beyond that you could say that ‘Well, we are all subjugated by those who lie with impunity and only the truth can free us from the illusory world they’ve created’ and that’s not very entertaining either. Better question (or more interesting as least) would be ‘What happens if you tell the truth about me?’ Do you lie to keep the devil in his cage? Even though God told you not to? Do you eat the forbidden fruit? He did tell you not to do it but he knows damn well your going to do it. You tell the truth I’m out of the cage. ‘What does he do when he’s out of the cage? What will he say? People should ignore and mock him but what happens if they don’t? I didn’t. I listen and did what he said. What does that say about me?’ Now that’s far more interesting. I had another one but I can’t quite remember...”
by Hym Iam December 2, 2022
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