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Diego can be very shy at times. Especially when talking to his crush. But if you take the time to talk to him you’ll see how charming he is. He’s one of the cutest guys you’ll meet in your life! He always has a jacket on, never takes it off, but it makes him unique in a way. If you ever get the chance to date a Diego, don’t let him go. He’ll protect you, comfort you, and always make you smile. He can be a little dirty minded sometimes but he always makes you laugh.
Omg! Diego is sooo cute!!!
by blah_31 March 02, 2019
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Diego...hands down the best intellectual alive. He’s the most wonderful guy that any girl wishes to have, he’ll protect you, LOVE you, and will always be there for you!! The light of your darkness, the cure for your suffering, the love of your life, the friend that loves you, is what a Diego can be to your existence. Take advantage of these people! They only come once in a lifetime and once they feel forgotten or betrayed, you’ll lose them in a blink of an eye. I can’t tell you enough what kind of a charming, loving, dorky, smart, caring, perfect, Diego’s can be to your life....DONT LOSE THEM.
Her: Omg, Diego doesn’t talk to me anymore we were soooo close

Him: I don’t know what to tell you, if a guy like Diego does something like that it must have a big reason or it was something you’d did.
by I lost him November 13, 2017
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Diego is THE man with the biggest heart in the world. He's short, loves soccer and loves to be romantic. He's incredibly sweet, so emotional, and full of love. He loves hard, and He's jealous and protective, but that's what makes him Diego. He's as adorable as a puppy. Everything about him is amazingly attractive, especially his smile. He knows how to make you laugh and get nervous with his words. I love him because Diego is the best man you could ever possibly meet.
"It's amazing that Diego loves bunnies."
by 1003Bunnyinlovevday2014 February 12, 2014
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Commonly Hispanic . A person who is mostly kind, but if you piss him off he will beat your ass. Dont get yourself confused by how nice of a guy he looks if you do anything to his girl, family, or friends, he wont just let you off the hook. He will be extremely nice to women and will dress with Swagg on any days that they actually care about how they look. A very good friend to have, will be a good friend, but might break a couple girls hearts.
Jim "He is my main boy. That guy is a Diego!"
Sally "I hate him! Hes such a Diego!"
by RDS Swagg November 25, 2013
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a guy that will fill you with joy and care for you just remember to never betray him or make him feel betryed or else he’ll hate you for life . other than that he’s an amazing friend and will care about you no matter what hes just like a brother to most do t ever let him go because he’ll make you feel very happy and loved .
diego damn i shouldnt have let him go
by me.72 November 24, 2018
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A cool,handsome,funny,sexy,caring,latino boy who has a huge dick that can pleasure any women and also will not wuit his dream or goal untill that goal/dream is acomplished
Wow he has to be a diego
by Yesikuh October 02, 2016
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THE MOST AAMAAZING PERSON IN THE WORLD! MY BESTTEESSST BUDDYY :D always knows how to cheer me up! ai caliente! hes kinda sorta the best and has very comfy shoulders :) Good nickname is dd :D
my neck is so tired i wish diego was here so i could rest my head on his super comfy shoulder.

I was chilling with Diego yesterday. Man is he awesome! I was in such a bad mood and he cheered me up real quick!
by barbarddbff March 18, 2011
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