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Leaving - Rap slang - late 80's
Shortened from Audi 5000, which was an alternate version of Audi, which means "out"
Homes1: Yo, you want another 40?
Homes2: Nah man, I'm 5000. I'll sniff ya on the flip.
by money September 12, 2003

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Horrible channel featuring the biggest sell-outs of all time catering to people who lack the ability to think for themselves. Its shows consist of E! News Live (the biggest charade for a television program ever featuring the stupidest people on TV) and The Anna Nicole Smith Show (a program known to have caused dysentary in its viewers).
"After watching E!, I felt like my brain had melted and been replaced with shit."
by Money November 25, 2003

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Redneck name for computer. The word is primarily used among Nascar fans and Hillbillies..
Hey thaar Cletus do ya know who won the
Podunk 500 last night?I done past out and missed da endin'. Sure dont, I'z passed out too,but ma uncle Zed has one of dem fancy LECTRIC BOXES wheres' we could look it up..
by MONEY November 08, 2003

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A statement used as a replacement of a curse/cuss word.
1) "Ah man, I dropped my ice cream. Yakka ma fudge!"

2) "Dont be sucha frickin' yakka ma fudge."
by Money November 28, 2004

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when skill is not used.
`in Madden 2005, when you spin and someone presses hitstick, and you are half way through ur spin, and you get sucked back to their man and fumble.
-Thats some shit, what LUCK!
-you have no skill, its all luck!
by money March 02, 2005

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1) residue left in ones underwear

2) an offensive term
jane left a butt smear in her panties.
by money January 09, 2004

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When one takes a shit so enormous it's nearly of biblical proportions.
Don't go in that bathroom for a while, I dropped a shiite muslim
by Money April 10, 2005

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