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One who pretends, such as in acting.
To make believe.
Something that is made up.

My Friends are always staging different things to pull jokes and pranks on People.
by Robert Michael Hensel April 07, 2008
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When a buddy covers for a friend by arranging a workspace (office or cube) to give the appearance the friend is in the office but just away from their desk.
Bridget was running late, luckily Ben was used to staging her office so it looked like she was there and did so quickly.
by Jenab75 September 08, 2009
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When a girl positions herself in a space (like a bar) in such a way that men are more likely to approach her.
I am always staging when I go out by standing a little outside my circle of friends so that men feel more comfortable coming up to me.
by Jay Rocher December 09, 2011
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