A grand social experiment that led to the death of hundreds of millions of humans.
Western soy boy communists wish to bring back the soviet union regardless of the death and destruction it would cause.
by KalluHavumaki609 February 23, 2020
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Союз нерушимый республик свободных
Сплотила навеки Великая Русь.
Да здравствует созданный волей народов
Единый, могучий Советский Союз!
Славься, Отечество наше свободное,
Дружбы, народов надежный оплот!
Знамя советское, знамя народное
Пусть от победы, к победе ведет!
Сквозь грозы сияло нам солнце свободы,
И Ленин великий нам путь озарил.
Нас вырастил Сталин - на верность народу
На труд и на подвиги нас вдохновил.
Славься, Отечество чаше свободное,
Счастья народов надежный оплот!
Знамя советское, знамя народное
Пусть от победы к победе ведет!
Skvoz grozy siialo nam solntse svobody,
I Lenin velikij nam put ozaril.
Nas vyrastil Stalin - na vernost narodu
Na trud i na podvigi nas vdokhnovil.
Slavsia, Otechestvo chashe svobodnoe,
Schastia narodov nadezhnyj oplot!…

the door opens you!

its god but in Russia
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Soviet Union | History

The best country in the entire world, the Soviet Union was created in 1922 after Russia pulled out of WWI. The Soviet Union consisted of 15 republics, and after being yeeted by NATO, they died in a hole.

Soviet Union | Ideology

The whole place was controlled by the Communist Party. Communism meant everyone was equal. An anesthesiologist and a McStalin's worker got the same wage. Everyone was spayed or neutered so EVERYONE could be equal. That's why the population was dropping so fast.

Soviet Union | WWII

In WWII, the Soviet union and Germany had a conference. Here is the context.
Hitler: Hey, let's ************ Poland.

Soviet Union: Oh yeah yeah
But then Germany killed Soviet Union, so Soviet Union raped half of Germany.
Vladimir: Hey don't you like the Soviet Union
Citizen 284736593: No
Vladimir: Shit I can't murder you because Communism!
by SovietRespublik October 20, 2019
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