Drive you: to go all the way with one other person
- ride that ride
Sue: how was jack
Cat: he was great
Sue: did he drive you?
Cat: yes, all night
by Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee123 December 14, 2013
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To put someone into a state of extreme excitement. or To make someone very sexually aroused.
"Hit it from the back and drive you wild"
His French accent is driving me wild!
The band drove the crowd wild when they played their greatest hit.
by don't mine me February 5, 2018
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When u think ur the reason the person is leaving/left, thinking its all your fault, news flash, it isn't, if they dont want to stay, dont hold onto them, its for the best
A: Did I drive you away?
M: what do u mean?
A: was i the reason u left?
by December 19, 2021
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You're bored and like this song, so you searched it in the Urban Dictionary
You so fuckin precious when you smile
hit it from the back and drive you wild
by sxeme October 12, 2018
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Man and woman are having a fight
Woman: Barry you never let me have what I want
(Woman Cries)
by iNguyen September 10, 2008
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A Statement proclaiming somebody has either been:
A) Not drinking enough
B) Used as sarcasm in the sense that they are already way too hammered.
by John Cleveland January 3, 2007
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