The 1917 communist revolution in Russia, which led to the establishment of the Soviet Union. It involved:

*The Czar being all mean and rich and everything while the peasants starved
*Lenin spawning angry mobs out of thin air to follow his orders, which apparently consisted mainly of storming palaces and tearing down monuments
*Trotsky doing something which caused him to be idealized by leftist intellectuals for reasons only they understand
*Anastasia being a beautiful princess with expensive clothing and therefore awesome according to preteen girls (and when have they ever been wrong?)
*Rasputin being a creepy dude and therefore probably a sorcerer (you can't argue with logic)
by sggdsgdhshfhfdhfdhdff October 22, 2013
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Like Animal Farm, but with people
Seriously, just read Animal Farm. It explains everything about the Russian Revolution.
by shsdhfhsfhfshshf November 9, 2013
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