when the doors are open to a scraper or any other kind of *doored* vehical.. and you open the doors dance..
*Let me see you show your grill
Now... Thizz face
Now... Watch em swang *
E- 40
tell me when to go
by z ball April 15, 2006
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Used casually to slip into conversation that the zip on someone's trousers is unfastened, prompting them to do it up.
Rob: 'Jake, you've got a barn door open.'
Jake: 'What's that?'
Rob: 'The zip on your trousers is undone.'
Jake: 'Oh, thanks' (Fastens zip up)
by Online Fan March 22, 2015
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An act of complete and utter superiority, usually preformed by the bravest people and Alphas.
Guy 1: Aw man, Jason is pooping with the door open again
Guy 2: What a fucking god
by ToteYote November 16, 2020
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Laying all cards on the table; having nothing to hide and no false pretence of dignity.
"You think that used car's more complicated than it is. I tell you it's a good deal, with no strings attached. The salesman's pissing with the door open!"
by MC Knockout September 20, 2006
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When a poo has begun to fight it's way out.
I sighed with relief when my bomb doors opened
by JayNW December 7, 2008
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A really hateful and racist term for a white girl who wants a interracial relationship. It says white women are nasty, smell bad, and always take a dump with the door open.
She's beautiful and sweet, but I don't want a 'doodoo with the door open.'
by Lil' Taste October 27, 2016
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A phrase used to describe a person who's ears stick straight out from their head (at about a 90-degree angle) and are usually quite large in size as well.
Wow! Look at George W. Bush's ears! He's definitely a taxicab with the doors open!
by I'likea September 29, 2006
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