22 definitions by dj_gs68

A series of shortened down words. Includes:

- u
- 2
- g2g/gtg
- bcuz

and such.

Often looked down upon as it doesn't look very smart.
"Cut the AOL shorthand, dumbass."
"wuts aol shorthand? also im not a dumbass u are"
by dj_gs68 December 7, 2003
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A company that can't make good racing games aside from the S.F. Rush series, and plain sucks at light gun games.
by dj_gs68 November 4, 2003
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LET'S GO LAMS!!! We need to make some Lam Chops!
by dj_gs68 November 14, 2003
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A show that used to be good until Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel retired, then it just turned into total crap.
by dj_gs68 November 3, 2003
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Old-school shooters are terribly underrated. All people want is 3D platformers where I keep falling off platforms 100 feet in the air.
by dj_gs68 November 6, 2003
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(G)et (T)he (F)-word (O)ut.
Dude, GTFO, you're not funny, and you think just because I jack off means I have no life.
by dj_gs68 November 3, 2003
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