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A country that was born in the 1920's due to the Russian Revolution led by Lenin, leader of the Bolsheviks. The CCCP (USSR) was born in spite of the longing for a utopia in which all social classes were abolished,however the idealistic dream was never reached, this can be mostly attributed to Josef Stalin, who imposed several 5 year plans to 'help' the Soviet economy, and Stalin immidiately turned the young nation into a totalitarion dictatorship in which secret police operated, not unlike fascism. However, I, being a Communist, still support the failed dream and attempt of a utopia, such an attempt reflects the potentiality for overall selflessness and charity. May Communisms strong ideal live for all days.
The Soviet Union was an example of a failed attempt at Communism and only further made the form of government disputed among nations, precisely what Cuba, China, Vietnam, North Korea, and other nations are doing today.
by Expatriot September 07, 2004
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Cancer is what things like smoking, exposure to radiation, genetically enhanced food, and furbies cause.
Doctor:Well Mr. Smith, you have stomach cancer and you have 3 months to live, you have no money, your house has been reposessed, your children sent to work in a sweat shop in thailand for 3 cents an hour making Nike's, and your wife has no where to go and will most likely die due to starvation, but I do have some good news.


Doctor: I just saved money on car insurance by switching to Geico.
by Expatriot September 03, 2004
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The beacon of inequality and greed. Adapted to work in unison exceptionally well natural flaws in people.

An economic system in which the aspect of potential greed is both exploited and glorified to the fullest.

A system that thrives on the destruction of people.

The prepetuation of the division between various social classes.
Capitalism fluctuates constantly therefore its destruction is inevitable, at one point or another.

(Great Depression anyone?)
by Expatriot August 26, 2004
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A singer that began his career in the early 40's and ended when he died in 1993.
Frank Sinatra could have very well been, in my opinion, among the greatest performers ever in history, his talent was beyond words and his persona indescribable. Some thought he had ties to the mob for the majority of his life,he had been seen with several mobsters yet denied any of the said "connections"
A few good examples of Sinatra's work would be:
The Lady is a Tramp
Nice and Easy
I've Got You Under My Skin
The Way You Look Tonight
The Best Is Yet To Come
by Expatriot October 01, 2004
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