The phrase used my many parents to get their kids under control.
Mum: What’s the magic word?
Kid: *angel face* pleeeease
Mum: *gives boob*
by MrTextris <—YT February 1, 2021
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A word or phrase which, when uttered aloud, is sure to cause offense or a fight, especially a vulgar ethnic epithet spoken to a member of the group to which it refers.
"Then he said the Magic Word and the fun started -- five minutes later that bar was wrecked and someone's head had been pushed into the deep fat fryer. We left just ahead of the cops, the firemen, and the ambulance."
by anarcissie May 22, 2008
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Sexist-Racist-Homophobic! Singularly or together, used to "win" arguments online and irl. Oftentimes expanded with -imperialist, - misogynistic, et. al. When you lack debating skills, you can always insult your opponent.
Showed him a link about how North Korea is living his low carbon emissions dream; he used one of the magic words to claim Glorious People's Victory, and ban me of course.
by Call me Sam Hall September 20, 2016
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A term used in a noisy situation to calm everyone down, and get everything under control.

Four Magic Words
Man 1: *babbles incoherently*
Man 2: *balles perhaps more incoherently*
Man 3: Four magic words, you guys.
by Dead Red October 13, 2007
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