Dani, she is the one you won't want to lose. She is hyper, but that is because she's insecure. She is an artist of all kinds, with music, dance, singing, or with a pencil or paint brush. She starts many things because of her perfectionist side, yet she almost never knows how to finish them. She likes to embrace things she is passionate for, but this has a dark side on her well being. So don't push her around or use her, she doesn't know how to say no or stop hurtful people. She is clingy, mostly because she loves you. Don't let her go, she might just be the one you need.
YOU: Dani is such a pushover and she lacks confidence.
PERSON 1: yeah but she is so nice and smart too.
by Dani Vaughn April 9, 2021
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A game developer that is addicted to saying THICC, boner, drinking milk every single video, and watches memes in Reddit, he was known as an independent game developer of the Milkman Karlson series, like Karlson 2D, Karlson 3D, and MIlkman Karlson.
Them wise words be like:

-Wow that was really cool.

by Kryptic_HD October 30, 2020
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Dani is a beautiful and hard-working lady. She has the sweetest smile and the eyes that will make you swoon. She is kind and caring, especially to her siblings. Dani loves trying out new things and loves the mountains and the sea. She has a good taste in music and in horror films. Dani and her mood swings can be a handful at times, but she's totally worth it.
She's definitely Dani.
I really like her; that Dani girl.
by hcich May 7, 2018
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Dani is the most amazing and beautiful girl you will ever meet, she has nice long red hair, cute little freckles on her cheeks, and has the most cutest plumest lips ever. She can be a moody bitch when she doesn’t like something, and always gets what she wants. Being friends with a dani will make everything in life so much better than it already is! Dani is someone you can fall in love with in a blink of an eye. She’s the type of girl you’ll never want to let go. Relationship or not! Never let a dani go. She’ll have no idea what to say sometimes, but she’ll always be there to listen and a shoulder to cry on. Never judgemental about your choices in life, if anything she’ll only be there to support you no matter what. She just wants you to be happy. That’s what is so great about dani. She’s also a beauty, but sometimes a beast. So don’t get on her bad side!
by puffedwheat January 24, 2018
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A amazing perfect girl that will make your day even better every time you see her. She’s beautiful funny and really nice at times. She will stick up for you whenever anything happens that would bring you down. She’s amazing to talk to at times and understands everything you say to her. She’s a perfect girl with a perfect personality.
Dani is beautiful kind and funny
by IDontLikeAnal November 9, 2019
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Dani is the most beautiful person you will ever meet. She is kind and funny. If you ever have her as a girlfriend, damn you are a lucky man. When you get a chance always hug her and kiss her. And if you ever leave her, you will regret it everyday! Dani will light up a room when she walks in. She has unlimited amount of friends! Always keep a Dani
Guy: Wow! Is that girl new? She is so hot
Friend: Yeah she is, her name is Dani. Such a pretty name for a pretty girl
by yeetpeepseepheep October 23, 2019
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