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the worst american truck you can buy.
dodge sux. buy a chevy it has better resale value
by ant-tony October 28, 2009

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how to wake up lady gaga
it means: poke her face
me: how do you wake up lady gaga
nick: poker face
by ant-tony March 01, 2010

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what you say when you get attacked by a ghost on pac man
woka woka woka woka woka blurrrrp wap wap. GRRRR you little SHIT!!
by ant-tony November 09, 2009

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please and thank you
please and thank you there called the magic word
by ant-tony November 28, 2009

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a girl who has a nice big white butt
omg, did u see that girl walking by, she had a marshmellow butt
by ant-tony July 30, 2009

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how little kids say grilled cheese
mommy can you make me a girled cheese
by ant-tony November 25, 2009

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how someone from massachusetts says "garbage"
take out the gahbidge and put it in tha dumpstah and put a linah in theeah.
by ant-tony October 28, 2009

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