18 definitions by ant-tony

how people from mass pronounce ambulance
he fell into a ditch. call an ambulenz
by ant-tony December 6, 2010
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a girl who has a nice big white butt
omg, did u see that girl walking by, she had a marshmellow butt
by ant-tony July 31, 2009
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what mary had
mary had a little lamb. she also had a duck. she would put them in a water bed to see if they would fuck.
by ant-tony December 20, 2009
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a commercial where a mother screams out for an italian boy named anthony and he eats the spaghetti.
by ant-tony October 28, 2009
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the motor oil commercial that says "think with ur dipstick jimmy"
castrol gtx. its more than oil. its liquid engineering.
by ant-tony April 12, 2010
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