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He is a gorgeaus boy , if you know a Matteo you are the luckiest person alive and should hold onto him forever!original meaning Matteo means gift of God.He is ,sensible,nice,he always says what He thinks,he is a true and lovely person.He is very sweet but he is so stubborn and touchy.He loves and helps everyone.He hates fake person and he is so funny...He isn't a sporty persone and He is very lazy.He is so friendly and clever but sometimes he is so shy!!He can helps and understand all the people in the words
Matteo is my best friend
by Franky4021 February 6, 2018
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Not gay has the biggest dick and ye shit
Matteo is I God at basketball
by Goodblood March 2, 2019
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original meaning Matteo means gift of God. No wonder right? Anyways, anyone named Matteo is typically a solid 10. With amazing hair, adorable eyes, good body, etc. Matteo is also an amazing futboller, or soccer player. Whenever playing, they adopt the skills of Ronaldo, messi, neymar, and gozte all in one. As well as being charming, kind, maybe a little cocky, confident, and outgoing, Matteo's most of the time have an amazing and charismatic personality too. I mean how can you not like the guy? Matteo's are also extremely attractive as well, due to their Italian genes. On top of all that, they're also very athletic and can play almost every sport pretty damn well too. they also dress very nice too. So yeah, they're pretty great.
kate upton: did you see Matteo the other day? He looked so good!
Ariana grande: yeah! His gorgeous eyes and his perfect hair looked so perfect in the sun!
by March 27, 2015
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The name Matteo also means sexy,hot, and cute
by Edge_Potato November 7, 2018
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A guy with a GINORMUS dick. Like 15 inches. Fucks lots of girls straight up. If your a matteo, you got a lot to live for.
Stacy: "That guy has a giant dick ."

Julie: "he's so good in bed."

Ellie: "What a matteo!"
by Yo mama is a rapist April 23, 2017
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A male, usually tall with brown curly hair. Very attractive and kind-hearted. Wants to be friends with everyone and would never want to hurt a soul. Matteo derives from an Italian origin. The name Matteo is commonly used as a name for a twin. The other twin, in this case, would be named Alexio.
Wow, Matteo is so hot.

Matteo is so tall!

Those brown curls get the girls!
by A personnnn April 14, 2013
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A young man that frenquents with many babes in his neighbourhood at any given time. Usually extremey attractive and can get it up in less than 0.0684 seconds.
Stacey: Man, Matteo was an absolute beast last night.
Julie: Tell me about it!
by Johnson445 October 28, 2008
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