surveying the clients at the pick-up bar, jane thought to herself; bring on the healing!!

bring on the healing! stated one of 'the damned'
by michael foolsley December 2, 2009
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Contrary to some theories, this is not a British adaptation of the American pejorative cognomen heel. In the USA it means someone who is a bit of a petty jerkoff but in Britain it is applied to people who are total shits, the wasters, skates, snotrags and OICs who plague society like festering sores. The word is said to derive from the British upper class pronounciation of 'hole' (heale) an abbreviation of the word 'arsehole' (awseheale). It was first used by upper classes in the early twentieth century when it became fashionable for flappers to use ‘bad’ language. For a long time it was virtually unknown outside fashionable cliques like the Cliveden Set and was frequently used to describe people they didn't like. It wasn’t until comparatively recently that it became more widely known due to the internet and period dramas. More people began using it although there is still some confusion with the American insult heel. A rather snide use is to use it to refer to someone, knowing that they know what it means, or that it will get back to them, strangely it usually seems to be women who use it in this way.
“That vile creature Malcolm is trying to give Kim hell because he heard she called him a Heale.”
“The fact he’s having a hissy fit and she’s smiling makes me think she got it right.”
by AKACroatalin November 30, 2016
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An alternative spelling for heel. The word itself is usually applied to someone who is a total tosser, waste of space or OIC and derives from the British upper class pronounciation of 'hole' (heale) an abbreviation of the word 'arsehole' (awseheale). It was used by upper classes as an 'in' word to describe people they didn't like, social climbers, nouveau riche and so on who wouldn't know what it meant. It gained wider usage due to the internet and period dramas so more and more people found out what it meant and began using it. It's major use now is when some upper class twit, or someone who thinks thay are, wants to pile on the agony and uses it about someone knowing that they will overhear or that it will get back to them and that they know what it means.
I say Samantha, that dreadful creature Malcolm something-or-other is positively fawning over everyone?
Oh God! What a complete heale!
by Croatalin January 12, 2014
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The power or ability to cause the wounds or illnesses of others to heal, whether through the practice of medicine, or other methods.
Healing is a power attributed to clerics in some RPG scenarios.
by Downstrike May 24, 2004
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Healing is a process of life.

When something hurts you it's better to just leave it alone and not open it again, let it heal.
"I rather be healed than heard."

"It takes time to heal and everyone should start the healing process together."
by Thinker Life March 27, 2013
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i'm so heal that you that you got to see that band live.
by leggomyego April 17, 2009
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When one goes entirely out of control and gives up on all their morals, dreams and self respect.
My man, we got hecka-heals last night when we were doing coke off of some strangers toilet.
by Cupcakin' jake October 29, 2007
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