A mean, snobbish or spiteful remark. Usually used to describe an insult or a haughty statement.
by Mandy March 30, 2003
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Your Rolex is snide.

Mate, you snided the last cookie!
by OC Hamster August 4, 2003
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Stolen/counterfit, sold outside jobcentre, magistrates or outta some bastads boot.
"Those bensons you sold me were they snide?"
"taste like shit, gimme my dollars back".
by El Cholo March 4, 2004
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a person who lives in tracksuits constantly, often with a pair of rockports on their feet and a burberry cap. can be found listening to 'banging choooons' in their Nova's or Astras. If they are not there try a council estate as they may be there impregnating their under age also snidey girlfriend (noticable by badly dyed hair piled on top of head and wearing jeans, rockports and some form of sport coat. May also be already pushing a pram).
by Venomous-Kittie November 6, 2003
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sniding away from da police in shatfield yeah!
by sexy-pig March 28, 2003
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the act of being t cov
theresa is the snidest thing ive ever seen
by kristof95 March 30, 2008
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A clan who are noobs.
Look at that Snid_Clan! They are so snide.
by The Spotty Guy March 1, 2019
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