got it right means that something is nice
if you just got a new thumping system and was blasting it in a parking lot, a african would come up to you and a you got it right ka, you got it right
by Nick February 8, 2007
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"You got that right" is an expression used to acknowledge someone's statement or deed. It stands for "You are correct" or "You are right".
Person A: So it's really not butter?!
Person B: You got that right!

Person A: Well, I think we'll have to stick to the old plan...
Person B: You got that right!
by OakRohrich June 27, 2014
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meaning Im just now getting settled; im avaliable now
"I like how I cant get no text back"
"Chill I just got right, dont trip"
by SkittlesdaRapper July 14, 2017
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The (im)perfect response to anything you aren't quite sure how to respond to. It can be used in any situation, as long as it doesn't fully work in said situation.
by LoBaby14 November 3, 2017
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