Violet is the MOST genuine and kind person you will ever encounter. She will NEVER ever gossip about you. She is never mean. She has this magnetic quality about het that you can't take her eyes off of. She is a literal angel from heaven. She's Nature. SUCH a kind heart. EVERYONE loves Violet NO ONE hates her. Violet is like a flower. She is So funny. The definition of beauty, love , and kindness. A great role model and a good influence. She does not have ONE bad bone. Just the way she is with people is so beautiful. Violet has her chin up shoulders back and is ALWAYS smiling. She's wildly confident and she is SO MAGNETIC! loves to explore and find new things in the world. the type to party with. she gives you non stop smile. She knows what to do for every situation. How could you ever turn her down?! A REAL good girl. she get's guys WHOOPED! You meet her once she's she's all you think about you wanna scream her name out loud. she has a calm beautiful voice. she is cute and hot at the same time. Violet's soft. She's REALLY good in bed and will turn you on real easy she feels SO good! AMAZING cheek bones BIG juicy lips LONG eyelashes PERFECT nose. She has long brown thick hair and the clearest glowing skin. Her beauty stands out from Millions. Violet is genuinely always happy. She's SO adorable! When you hear her voice or see her you will have the thought " WOW there is something about her". say her name you sing it and you laugh and have a HUGE smile on your face.
I have SO much more to say. She's too perfectly imperfect for this world. Violet has an AMAZING style.
by Rose gold things November 20, 2020
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Violet is a amazing person with the greatest personality unless you piss Her off. Her favorite color is her name and she would do anything for you if you would do the same for Her. She is very attractive and does what she wants when she wants. Her heart as pure as diamonds and eyes that swallow you whole. She Will be one of the greatest friends you Will ever have.
Hey are you friends with violet?
Yeah why ?
Just don't lose her okay cause she is the best.
by MKGkirito January 5, 2019
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Violet is that one in million girl, the kind of girl you never want to lose or let go of. She's beautiful on the inside and the outside. Whenever you're with her you'll be met with endless laughs and nonstop smiling. You may not always agree on the same things but that won't put an end to the fun you'll have together. You'll never meet a stronger person than Violet, she's always down for a quick little debate to say why she is right, and most of the time she is. Probably one of smartest girls you'll meet in your lifetime, no question about it. If you have the pleasure of meeting a beautiful girl named Violet then do yourself a favor and do everything you can to not lose her and keep her close.
person 1: who's that girl you're talking to all the time?
person 2: you mean Violet?
person 1: yeah, how is she?
person 2: literally the best
by zaywayofficial August 20, 2019
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A girl who deserves all the love and affection in the world.She's sweet, caring, understanding, sensitive, soft-hearted, and will make your day so much brighter. Such a cute & beautiful soul!
"Violet has me over the moon for her"
by jaemnins October 15, 2019
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Violet is a caring type. The love to make people happy and making sure everyone is ok is their main priority. They may seem annoying by how much they ask you, but it is because they care about you and are scared to loose you. Their main fear is being let down by someone they love. On the inside, they feel like they don’t get what they give to others back. They are very depressed and anxious. But, they choose to hide it, because they don’t want their friends to know. Overall, they love to be with their friends and family, so, if you know a Violet, make sure to love them back because you may not know what’s happening with them on the inside.
by thaiTicecream March 25, 2019
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The most amazing beautiful girl you could meet she is cute and has a good sence of humor
Omg violet is coming towards us
by Yeet2101 November 1, 2019
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Violet is an overall amazing person. She has high hopes and loves to be loved. She may make some mistakes here and there, but she will straighten them out eventually. She is kind, honest, loving, beautiful, and funny. Her big blue eyes will make your heart stop. She has the perfect little nose and gorgeous flowing hair. If you ever get Violet to fall in love with you, don't let her go. She's perfect.
Person 1: I think I love Violet
Person 2: Does she love you?
Person 1: I hope so.

Person 2: Don't ever let her go, mate
by inlovewithacolor November 20, 2014
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