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The scientific name for penis, cock, and/or dick. Usually referred to when making size measurements.
His endowment is 9 inches long
by cool_dude February 11, 2005
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(n.); endow (v.)

An investment fund comprised of donated money. These investments are capital and earmarked for development. Sometimes the funds are in the form of smaller donations. Other funds are granted from large philanthropic (planned giving) organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The latter and many other philanthropic organizations are large endowments that in turn disburse funds to other endowments. Endowments are often tax-free or lower-tax investments.

Endowments are often associated with universities. Other endowed organizations include public television and radio, museums, theaters, hospitals, and non governmental organizations (NGOs).
I didn't find out who Helena Rubenstein was until my late 20's. For many years, the Helena Rubenstein Foundation was the primary endowment for NYC broadcasts of Sesame Street and other PBS children's shows.
by poorbrokegraduatestudent July 28, 2010
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The size of a human male's penis, being of above average size when compared to other human males.
Wow! Look at that endowment you got there!
by biguy1226 May 12, 2011
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