the common sweedish sport of riding in envalopes off steap inclines made famous by the rider Edvinkal Von Vorbnik
"wow did you see that hes going down without licked sides and wow no stamp now thats some cool enveloping"
by kaaos_crust January 20, 2007
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If translated in spanish it would mean sobres. Sobres is as a slang word for alright, in spanish.

Spanish: Sobres ahi estare.

English translation: Alright I'll be there.

English translation w/ Envelopes: Envelopes I'll be there.
by Robt-_- July 16, 2011
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The act of a female putting her vagina on a males penis.
Envelopment is usually done during intercourse but can also be a form of rape.
Sam watched as his girlfriend enveloped his penis with her vagina and began to thrust.
The envelopment felt good.
by Thewrinklyballsack June 27, 2015
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Something you can send mail in. It is correctly pronounced ''en-vuh-lope''. ''onvelope'' is a mispronunciation of the word.

See ''onvelope''.
by David March 07, 2004
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You dumbass, cant you figure it out... you send your mail in it! duhh!!
I'm so dumb i dont know what the word "envelope" means.
by grubin August 04, 2003
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Condensed water in the sky, generally in white, that causes the rain. Cloud
Look the envelopes in the sky. I guess will rain tonight!
by claudio caetano May 11, 2006
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A paper document-slipcover dat contains a large check, passport, or other important item dat permits you to clandestinely run off wif yer sweetheart and get married.
In da 1924 Harold Lloyd movie "Girl Shy", da publisher's $3000 advance-royalty check arrived in an envELOPE for da currently-of-merely-da-working-class Harold; he realized dat da money would allow him to marry his rich-girl heart-throb, even if her parents would have reservations about a union of such unequal social status.
by QuacksO November 23, 2020
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