spanish word used in slang form to mean "go for it" or "ok!"
My friend invited me to go hang out, so I replied "Sobres, lets go".
by docturpeppur November 21, 2004
Spetsial'nyye Otryady Bystrogo Reagirovaniya, an elite Russian rapid reaction anti-crime unit that was ordered disbanded by the Russian Interior Ministry back in 2002, but was instead renamed OMSN (Otrjad Milizii Spetsialnogo Naznachenija), and is now trained to combat terrorism as well as organized crime. Its members, as well as many of those who know of it, still refer to it as SOBR.
"Make sure you disguise that coke good, Boris. The last thing we need is a SOBR unit up our asses."
by Kalafan July 14, 2006
a group of guys at carson who wear all black and sit around their god!!they call themselves a gang!!haha
we are apart of the sobr
by strickt-ly me... March 7, 2005
Pronounced S-oh-breh-way

Means "its over dude", the decision has been made. so let's go.
"Are we still going to that party at 6619 man?
- Nah man, sobre-gue! The cops rolled thru and shut it down. The Home-owners ran out too, so they have no idea who lives there!
- Orale gue! Lets go smoke a fattie"
by frisco brothaz June 18, 2011
A really Fucking Sexy, cool, hot, smart and fancy motherfucker
Girl 1: you see that guy over there
Girl 2: he reminds me of sobr
by Sobr April 20, 2022
The act of being too sober. Occasionily to the point of being dangerous but generally being lame.
"Dude, you just ran over that kid!"
'Or did the kid run over me....?'
"Bro, you're suffering from sobresity. It's a problem. You need to get drunk and drive thru that playground again"
by Pikachu The Pimp July 7, 2012