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the smell is the gross yet comforting smell you get when you move your nose piercing, whether it be a septum or a nostril piercing.
"ah I just got the smell"-Leo
"ah niccee"-Devin
by beetlebee May 20, 2020
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The proper recipe for β€œThe Smell” is to take one box of Instant Garlic Mashed Potato mix and place the cooked contents into an air-tight plastic container. Place said container on top of a warm electrical surface like the top of a refrigerator. Wait 16 weeks. Next identify someone you dislike and leave the opened plastic container in their place of residence (Preferably by an air exchange vent). The unique aroma of The Smell will induce immediate and violent spells of vomitting. Sit back and enjoy.
Adam placed The Smell in Janey’s apartment. 5 minutes later Janey heaved chunks all over her mattress
by What’s The Dilly Yo? October 16, 2020
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