The small area of cartilage between your nostrils. Very popular piercing area. However, caution should be exercised with this piercing, and should not be done if you have a deviated septum.
"I now look like a bull with my huge septum ring!"
by invictus February 19, 2004
A small fleshy area inbetween your nostrils, generaly confused with cartillage, but it is indeed flesh and not cartillage. this is a common area to get pierced, which in most cases is a generaly painless procedure. this is also a great piercing to have if you would like to have many piercings, but, you dont want them all to be visible, because with a 12 or 14 gauge retainer (relatively horse shoe shaped) you can easily turn or slip the ring up.
that guy has his septum pierced, he's extreme...
by mischivousmic April 15, 2007
The part of your nose that seperates your nostrils. It can be pierced for a "bull ring" type effect. Also if you do a lot of cocaine over a long period of time (like daily use for years) you will likely rot a hole through your septum, sometimes destroy it altogether and get left with one big nostril...nasty.
Notable people with pierced septums include Keith Flint (from Prodigy) and Saint Dog (of Kottonmouth Kings fame)

Don't do cocaine daily for a long period of time, you can do some serious damage to your septum.

Do you think it is possible for a cocaine user with a hole erroded through their septum to wear a ring through it?
by El Skuncho July 6, 2007
a part of the nose that everyone and their fucking mother has pierced nowadays.
Damn, I used to want to get my septum pierced but I can't now because everyone and their mom has one.
by checkkkkkit April 4, 2007
The little piece of cartilidge between your nostrils.
by Shinku July 20, 2003
It's the middle part of the bottom of your nose between the nostrils. Most people only hear the word because of them being pierced.
John looks so much hotter since he got the 6 gauge piercing in his septum.
by alternabear July 23, 2013
The part of the heart that separates the two ventricles from one another and thus stopping deoxygenated and oxygenated blood (bllod without/with oxygen respectively) from mixing.
Galen thought the septum had holes in, but he was wrong.
A hole in the septum is a serious problem.
The septum is very thick here.
by Shadowstalke February 4, 2008