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The North Korean propaganda cartoon that features violence, guns, war, more guns, allegory, a sexy fox, and even more guns.
Person 1: hey, have you watched Squirrel and Hedgehog?
Person 2: why would I?
Person 1: there's a sexy fox as one of the characters.
Person 2: I'm sold!
by Gamsung Salaxy April 15, 2020
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A praying mantis who is also a LEGO YouTuber with a LWIAY rip-off series on his channel he called j2gOSRS. He's basically a worse version of JANGBRiCKS.
Guy1: hey did you watch just2good's newest upload?
Guy2: oh you mean worse version of JANGBRiCKS?
by Gamsung Salaxy September 3, 2019
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That Dog Demon thing from a Disney cartoon called The Owl House, in which he is one of the main characters.
Girl: oh King is so cute!
Boy: King wears a skull, he's edgy. I like being an edgelord. He has my respect.
by Gamsung Salaxy May 20, 2020
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characteristic or reminiscent of the cute or wholesome qualities of Tomohito Oda's Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu, usually involving two characters with one person helping another in a closed environment, disconnected from everyone else.
1. This story you're writing is very komi-esque.

2. Those two are komi-esque don't you think?
by Gamsung Salaxy January 31, 2022
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The name of the rat is not Ratatouille you uncultured swine
For the last time, the name of the rat is Remy, not Ratatouille!
by Gamsung Salaxy April 26, 2020
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The white guy who thinks Endgame is the best movie ever, and likes what everyone else around him likes without any reason whatsoever while also working on a well paid job, but not too much that he can afford a vacation every weekend. In other words, Basic AF.
Joe Generic: Hi I'm Joe.
His crush: I'm guessing you're into Marvel movies.
Joe Generic: Y'know I get that a lot, wanna grab some coffee after work?
His crush: sure!
Joe Generic: I guess it's a date!
His crush: I guess it is.

You've just read one of the most basic love story ever.
by Gamsung Salaxy May 19, 2020
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Guy 1: Why the hell would anyone wrote the definition Hecka in this website?
Guy 2: Shhh! Kids read these stuff man, use the alternative of the H-word.
by Gamsung Salaxy May 20, 2020
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