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A number which had sadly been tainted by perverts and internet hermits as a sexual innuendo.
Guy 1: "Hey what's 35 + 34?"
Guy 2: *sigh* "69..."
Guy 1: "Nice."
by Gamsung Salaxy October 22, 2019

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The name of the rat is not Ratatouille you uncultured swine
For the last time, the name of the rat is Remy, not Ratatouille!
by Gamsung Salaxy April 25, 2020

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When you have a very big mess on your hand, like a VERY BIG mess, seriously you should look for help for this.
A: "Hey can you help me with my Fuckle Kerfuffle?"
B: "No way man, I also have a Fuckle Kerfuffle on my hand!"
by Gamsung Salaxy October 22, 2019

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A praying mantis who is also a LEGO YouTuber with a LWIAY rip-off series on his channel he called j2gOSRS. He's basically a worse version of JANGBRiCKS.
Guy1: hey did you watch just2good's newest upload?
Guy2: oh you mean worse version of JANGBRiCKS?
by Gamsung Salaxy September 03, 2019

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The North Korean propaganda cartoon that features violence, guns, war, more guns, allegory, a sexy fox, and even more guns.
Person 1: hey, have you watched Squirrel and Hedgehog?
Person 2: why would I?
Person 1: there's a sexy fox as one of the characters.
Person 2: I'm sold!
by Gamsung Salaxy April 14, 2020

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The feeling some hardcore Super Smash Bros fans have towards one of the DLC fighters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, because Byleth is just another Fire Emblem anime sword fighter in their eyes. Which is understandable on some level, as there are 8 fighters the series has in the game, even though the series is not as popular as Pokemon or Super Mario.
Fan 1: F*ck Sakurai! Another Fire Emblem character?!
Fan 2: Chill out with the Byleth Salt man, at least He/She has a unique fighting style.
fan 1: Yeah, I guess you're right, I got carried away with the salt there....
by Gamsung Salaxy April 15, 2020

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A Pokemon with the most NSFW content on The Internet, which is able to be both female and male. Yeah, half of them are traps.
Person 1: Ya'll need to understand that half of all Gardevoirs are male
Person 2: Hee Hoo Hee Hoo NSFW
by Gamsung Salaxy May 20, 2020

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