A phrase used to confirm the truth, and/or agreement with a previously made statement.
by hotchocolate December 10, 2005
Used to imply complete seriousness. Honestly.
For real for real, when I walked in the room, he was making out with the dog.
by th3m0nk October 15, 2005
a more expressive form of for real.
This ganj is the shit, for real real.
by International Bad Boy August 29, 2005
Real-world reality, as opposed to TV or movie reality.
What he did with that car was not movie real, man. It was real real -- through the fence, over the approach and into a barn. No shit. And he walked away.
by wordguy2 April 12, 2010
Only a real nigga is able to say that or a depressed teenager who typically is 15 and the only reason they are sad is because they have no girlfriend , @luvfiti_ he popularized the word ''real'' on every sad tiktok slideshows, his first account got banned so you may see alot of wannabe luvfiti's or the whole family tree
he a real one, im a real one, you are a real one, the whole purpose of your existence is to wake up and suffer... oh and comment "real" in every sad tiktok slide shows (real real)
by dvannxz December 19, 2022
1)Really, I'm not lying, seriously
2)You serious? Really? You telling the truth
1)Yo I tore up that pink cookie dawg on the real
2)Yo Carlos got locked up again
On the real?
by da_preach August 23, 2003
essentially you say this when you relate to/agree with someone or something. its similar to for real (fr) in the way that people would say “i *insert action here* fr” on tiktok and twitter. it is said in the comment sections of tiktoks or in the repost messages of reposts you find on your for you page (fyp) on tiktok.

TL;DR when someone says something you agree with you would respond with “real”.
guy 1: i like watching little kids at the park trip and fall on their ugly faces

guy 2: real
by teenagers bro May 25, 2022