1)Really, I'm not lying, seriously
2)You serious? Really? You telling the truth
1)Yo I tore up that pink cookie dawg on the real
2)Yo Carlos got locked up again
On the real?
by da_preach August 23, 2003
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a game played by watching Deal or No Deal and trying to decide if the woman holding the case chosen to be opened has real or fake boobs.
Todays round of real or no real was too easy, they all had implants!
by IIIIIIIITSjohny November 18, 2010
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Used to imply complete seriousness. Honestly.
For real for real, when I walked in the room, he was making out with the dog.
by th3m0nk October 14, 2005
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Coined back in 1994 by world famous mixtape DJ, DJ Emir. The phrase describes the types of actions and activities One would expect of a Real DJ.

Real DJs Do Real Things means: Doing things in a grandiose manner. Always delivering a strong performance even on his or her worst day. Being well respected, feared and/or hated by many who aren't doing things in a grandiose manner. Touring, showcasing and being featured around the globe. Constantly grinding, marketing, practicing and innovating to stay relevant in changing times. Always striving to become better, learning what they can from their peers and inspiring their peers to learn from them as well.

A Real DJ never simply copies, but rather takes an idea and makes it their own through uniquely applied changes and stylistic execution. Real DJs do their homework and come to the show prepared to amaze. Real DJs have burn out cross-faders. There are many more things we can list here but we'll leave it at: Real DJs make sure they leave everyone ultra happy, completely in awe and saying "damn that DJ made my day"
"DJ Craze, DJ Vajra, DJ Silva Sirfa, DJ Emir, DJ Qbert, DJ Scottie B, Dangerous Dan, DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Z-Trip are all examples of Real DJs That Do Real Things. They never fake anything on stage, they are always prepared to put on a great show and always deliver a stunning performance."

"DJ AM (R.I.P.), DJ Roc Raida (R.I.P.), DJ Jam Master Jay (R.I.P.) were all great DJs, Real DJs that also did Real things, toured performed before thousands and achieved greatness."

"OMG DJ A-Trak completely killed it with the beat juggles and scratches! Word The F Up... Real DJs Do Real Things!"

"Damn DJ Emir's made us Dance all night! I know and his mixtapes are hard as hell! Now I understand what he means by Real DJs Do Real Things"

"I partied til the sun came up cause DJ Scottie B was throwing down something wicked! Real DJs Do Real Things!"
by Real DJs Do Real Things September 30, 2009
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Slang for "in acuality"
"i be slingin' ounces of rock on the real to real"
by randy March 5, 2004
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the utmost apology.

This is used to emphasize your saying sorry in an apology, it makes it more believable and compassionate.
"That hurt my feelings Ant."

"I didn't mean to do that, I'm sorry V, for real for real."
by antjamram November 2, 2012
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An expression used when describing something fake, or else otherwise known to be posing.
He fake but I know cuz real no real.
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