Short Hand Word for the male testicles.
1) Adam's Tets were poking out his boxers

2) Phillipa poked Jason in the Tets

3) His Tets are the size of Lemons
by Tets-astets March 28, 2010
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Literally: Tough Economic Times.
You're broke as a joke because the economy is in a recession.

We're going to El Pollo Loco instead of El Cholo.. T.E.T. man.. T.E.T.

by lytebryte120 February 05, 2009
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Something that is shit or bad. Synonymous with 'fucking shit'
That movie was so tet; I'll never watch it again.
by GrayDust August 26, 2016
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An extremely poisonous pesticide that should never have been made at all. TETS is short for tetramethylenedisulfotetramine,which has a peculiar "cage" chemical structure similar to some compounds found in camphor. TETS is odorless and tasteless and causes violent convulsions in all animals and humans. The pesticide is found in the People's Republic of China and has caused several cases of poisoning there, and sometimes finds its way here in the US, sold illegally by street vendors, where it has caused one fatal case of poisoning. One of the most insidious things about TETS is that it accumulates in the tissues of animals exposed to it and remains unchanged in the enviroment for years.
The Chinese authorities have reported several cases of poisoning from TETS.
by pentozali October 17, 2007
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abbreviation for tetrabytes. For reference: one tetrabyte is equal to one thousand gigabytes.
I'm running this system with four tets of hard drive.
Check out the tets on this 'bitch' (pc).
by Octavio Jimenez September 17, 2007
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Derives from the GOD Asher, his most famous of all words, Asher you will always rule us all
also see FERKEN (close relation)
by Monkdagola November 06, 2003
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