Tet's like 4th of july, christmas and new year all rolled into one. Every zipperhead in 'nam will be banging a gong barkin' at the moon and visting his dead relatives
by Azz July 30, 2004
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A girl who pretends to be a whore, but is actually a prude with relationship issues.
Evani is such a tet.

My ex, Carly, turned out to be such a tet.
by suckthisbrandon February 27, 2012
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Tet is a word used most commonly in spanish speaking countries, but can be used in english too. A tet is a person that has some similarities with dork and with wussie, and also has some of the caracteristics of a geek . A tet is a person that has such a social neediness, and is so insecure, and they usually are the guys that think they love someone and do everything for them, becoming such needy losers. Tets are also people that have physical clumsyness, etc, it can be seen from a lot of perspectives. Tets usually don't dress nice, they were pants too tight from the bottom and wear them above the waist, and they like to wear sweaters or jackets all the time, oh and of course many of them like to wear XXL football jerseys that make them look silly. Some tets are seen as weirdos too.
It is also used for bothering people about things they do, even though this does not mean being a tet.
I was talking to him and noticed he just wears XXL football jerseys and talks about foolish stuff. He's such a tet!!
Don't dance around like that please. You look like such a fucking tet.
by Latdek June 27, 2006
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liggat tha tets on that foyn filli!
by Wise Man July 15, 2003
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saggy man boobs on a hispanic middle-aged man.
I went into the Nike outlet store and tried on a shirt that showed my tets. Ay caramba!
by acamale October 18, 2009
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The Vietnamese called Lunar New Year is Tet and this occasion is a popular ritual because people have been celebrated this for thousands of years and considered it as the most wonderful time of the year. Tet is especially important to the Vietnamese because people appreciate tradition more than other countries. Tet has many activities and unique cultural tradition that people can do to show their spirit to this occasion. This is the time for people to gather up together and appreciate each other with best wishes. There is also special food during this time such as Banh Trung, Egg rolls,... And every house shows out a branch of cherry blossom to indicate new year is coming.
People are getting ready because Tet is coming.
by Hnguye February 16, 2018
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Tough Economic Times
I would by a house right now, but for the TET.
by Kaylie W. March 26, 2009
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