he is a very sweet guy. one to never give up on anyone. a great friend who u can always count on. ash is a one of a kind guy. shy at first but as soon as he opens up you will find hes funny, that his smile can make your day. he will notice the good in you and look beyond the flaws you have. ash is the kind of guy more people should be like. very sweet but he can get mad and when he does watch out. hes a caring guy. ash is crazy cute. if you have him in your life dont ever let him go!! you will regret it everyday, because you will NEVER find a guy like him.
by tapanga jordan August 21, 2018
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That forever 10 year old prick from pokemon
Guy: How long has that little prick ash been 10?
Another guy: Dunno, about 20 years maybe
by botmj August 19, 2014
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someone that makes you the happiest, they mean the world to you and you'd do anything to be with them.
ash: hi
me: oh my god ilysm
by nnnnz June 12, 2021
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sexy, hot, oozing beauty, rare kind gentleman.
omgzzz how hot is ash!!!!!
by talene February 26, 2004
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