1) nuf said
2) #32 on broomfield high schools football team.
by mary October 4, 2003
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English slang for a ten pound note (£10.00).
Most commonly used by teenagers.
1. "Got a tenner I can borrow?"
2. "I found a tenner inside my coat pocket today!"
by IceIceIceHockey March 23, 2004
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An item of footwear. Tenners may vary from a simple flip-flop to any type of shoe. The term originated in the 7th District of Southern Maryland.
Drop dem tenners off yo ass befoe I blast you muthaf*cka!
by David Greenburg April 20, 2008
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Slang term for a 10-ounce Budweiser can, the beer of choice on Maryland's Eastern Shore. This hard-to-find size of beer outsells all others in that region.
I went to Baltimore last weekend and ended up drinking Bud Light the whole time. Couldn't wait to get back to Linkwood and have a tenner.
by Bunky P. August 19, 2007
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A stone that is good for skipping. It’s flat, smooth, and could potentially give you ten skips in the water.
I hate when I see a rock that looks like a tenner, but when I pick it up it has a big point on the bottom.
by JAKIL May 20, 2020
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When you’re with the boys and you guys remember a throw back moment that was from a while ago but it had to have been a good time
“Y’all remember when we Jake threw that banger
“Yoo I tenner it”
by Roberto tha stik June 4, 2019
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