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The city with more dispensaries than Starbucks'. Full of winners.
Denver = Mile High City.. multiple reasons
by jesse6VSjen9 December 13, 2010
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Why Denver is the greatest city in the world...

receives 300 days of sunshine a year, is the nation's most highly educated city with the highest percentage of high school and college graduates, brews more BEER than any other American city, has the largest city park system in the nation, is the "Baby Boomer" capital of America, is the 20th in the U.S. in population, but has the 10th largest downtown, has the nation's second largest performing arts center, citizens contribute more public funding for the arts per capita than any other U.S. city, has the thinnest residents of any U.S. city and according to a federal study, really is a mile high...
Do you want to go to the great city of Denver?
by Geddes October 07, 2005
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a really hyper 6 year old boy who's really obsessed with space, and has a twin sister.
he cares way too much about what you think of him and will cry if you insult him.
he also thinks aliens are real, but shhh don't tell him the truth.
"oh hey! look over there, it's our buddy Denver!"
"Denver was just telling me facts he knows about space!"
via giphy
by Dev?? April 19, 2019
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