there's aka, also known as, then there's bka, better known as, then there's cka, commonly known as
i'm luke AKA ka$h money BKA gangster CKA tha shiznyt
by dirrty south December 7, 2003
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Abbrev. for “currently known as,” a phrase used to describe something that was previously known by one name, and could in the future be known by another name.
I live on stolen Ohlone land, cka San Francisco, CA
by M Sa February 18, 2021
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CKA is an acronym for "Canada Kicks Ass" that was started by the website

CKA also is used to revere to this website and is used in its logo.
CKA is a site to promote Canadian patriotism, nationalism, Canadian sovereignty and democracy. A Canadian portal offering news, pictures, forums, shopping, downloads, babes and much more Canadian content. This site shows the world why Canada and Canadians kick ass.
by Canadaka May 18, 2006
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"Canada sucks though."
by VX October 16, 2003
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