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Tenely is a beautiful young girl, who usually has long blonde hair with bright beautiful eyes. This name is givin to people who have a great sense of humor. Tenely is someone who wants to be loved and cherished by others. Tenely is usually someone who is attractive to others. Tenely is a very unique name!
Blonde hair, beautiful bright eyes? Must be a Tenely!
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by Rick Tenor May 22, 2018
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Tenely is a unique name given to people with great personality, humor, and beautiful looks. Tenely is someone who is usually thicker than others and attract men easily. Tenely has a lot of ups and downs in life but she gets through it because she thinks about the positive side of everything. If you break the heart of a Tenely, she will most likely beat your ass. Tenely is one you would call a baddie. Tenely cares about others truly. If she loves you, she’ll love you forever. She’s a very nice girl but if you mess with her, she won’t be so nice to you and only you. She doesn’t forgive and forget something that broke her heart.
by Breana Sholts May 13, 2019
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