one of the most beautiful bands or singers in the world.

but conor oberst's lyrics are, like his voice, embittered, jaded, querulous, pessimistic, optimistic and unsteadily joyful at the same time.

he could be described as the voice of our generation.

to me, anyway. and countless other fans.
and i sat watching a flower as it was withering
i was embarrassed by it's honesty

so i'd prefer to be remembered as a smiling face
not this fucking wreck thats taken it's place.
by twix July 7, 2004
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A band, formed officially in 1995 by Conor Oberst in Omaha, Nebraska. Bright Eyes, Contrary to what has been written on here has THREE constant members, Nate Walcott, Mike Mogis, and obviously Conor Oberst himself.

His song catalogue is pretty expansive, and he has a lot to offer, Bright Eyes as a band has produced 7 Studio Albums, and will continue to work on another one in november.

Technically indie/folk rock
"have you heard That shitty pretentious emo band, Bright Eyes"

"no douche, they are an indie/folk band, and you know nothing of them, so shut your face"
by VACANCY DENIED September 3, 2008
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indie band thats headed by Conor Oberst and various friends of his.
No Lies, Just Love made me want to Love, Fuck, and Die at the same time.
by Kaitlin October 9, 2003
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Goodness, where do i begin..

Bright Eyes are an emotional band that incorporate many different genres of music into their own individual style. Conor Oberst is the only recurring member of the band, whilst the remainder of the lineup changes continuously. i was introduced to them through a friend a couple years back, and i soon got 'lifted' (which, by the way, is amazing). the new albums: 'digital ash' is alright, but it isn't a brilliant reflection of the bright eyes material. although i enjoy it, it's just not like their other stuff, which is fine but i didn't expect it. 'i'm wide awake, it's morning' seems to me like a perfect album ('road to joy' and 'at the bottom of everything' are standouts).
conor is the most amazing songwriter. he's in that band Bright Eyes that you should know about.
by Tom Reeves March 30, 2005
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a great band that has the young and beautiful conor oberst in it. an indie band from omaha.
Kevin:Bright Eyes is performing this week!
Amy:Wow they rock my socks!
Anne: Conors so hot!
by Monique February 10, 2004
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A wonderful band.

Emos and indie kids will one day fight to the death over if they're indie-er or emo-er.
Emo Kid 1: I love Bright Eyes. Conor expresses my pain so well.
Indie Kid 1: Uh, no. Get your emo hands away from that Bright Eyes record.
Emo Kid 1: *starts to cry and calls over his emo backup*
Indie Kid 1: (sarcastically) Aw, emo kid is crying. *Calls his indie backup*
*they start to fight*
Hippie: Let's not let our hatred for each other ruin -
Emos and Indie Kids: Shut up!
* they go back to fighting*

(just for the record, the emo kids are defeated by the indie kids. big time.)
by axel :) April 10, 2008
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