bulge a bulging of the crotch in males where the dick clearly shows from the result of an erection
Look, he has a large tent in his shorts!
by mE November 25, 2003
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Japanese slang: When a fully clothed man has an erection, his friends may laugh, and some may call his organ a "tento mushi" (tent bug); others may also ask the below example with their tongue in their cheek.
"Oi, tento o hatteru" (Yo, you're setting up your tent)?
by Ai Tsujidou May 20, 2013
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1.A portable shelter made of some sort of cloth stretched over a supporting framework of poles with ropes and pegs.

2. The adultfanfiction.net suggested abbreviation to be put in the summary of a story containing tentacle sex
1. When they went camping, they slept in a tent.

2. The summary for the story read "Buffy meets an interesting monster while patrolling. Anal, DP, Humill, Tent.
by lynx wings April 24, 2005
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good fun and also differs from the usual places eg at a house , bed or sofa
by thats a secret June 16, 2003
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Method for channeling rain through a sleeping bag
I hate that fucking tent.
by Chazzy October 12, 2004
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he got busted for traffiking, damn dat nigga goin to da tent
by NIGGIE September 27, 2006
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when an uncut guy stretches out his foreskin, it creates a tentlike space.
Check out my tent (while stretching it).
by 4sqin January 5, 2004
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