To partner with in a competitive event. Also can be teamin'.
The tennis tournament was coming up and Alex and I were teaming.
by stockman09 June 14, 2007
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A slang term for a two-person circlejerk.

Since two people cannot form a circle it is fake. The gayness is self-explanatory.

The definition is commonly applied to network equipment running poorly-implemented proprietary microcode that intermittently re-routes outbound traffic to the loopback adapter, leading to instability and data loss.
Did you un-team the Ethernet ports on the VMA-AS2 appliance? Software teaming is both fake and gay
by Ass potato November 13, 2018
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To draft the same player in multiple fantasy leagues, effectively ending his season and/or NFL career.
by Defcon 1 August 16, 2012
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For the team is a new york slang word meaning a girl who fucks everyone she's kinda like a homie hopper but she fucks the whole football team.
Boys:hey who's the new girls
Other boy:oh don't try her she's for the team.
by Blacklightning June 18, 2019
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Group of main characters in a film or book who seem to always survive everything, whilst all the other characters around them die out.
Many Ewoks died in the Battle of Endor. Of course, the A-team survived once again unharmed.
by JMUK December 24, 2012
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The enjoyable experience of receiving hand or oral sexual satisfaction during active participation of an online meeting.
Did you see Carly’s face halfway in during Monday morning’s meeting?
Yeah, I reckon she was getting well teamed under her desk!
by King Crumb & Stains November 7, 2020
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