A girl or guy that hops (hooks up/has sex with) from one person to another, where the people they choose to hook-up with are within the same group of friends (homies).
You can see who's a homie hopper on homiehoppers (dot) com
by HomieHoppersCom June 19, 2013
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a girl or guy that hops from one person to another. Where the people they chose are all in the same group of friends.
it's pretty self explanitory...
by lealea November 9, 2003
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A person who has sexual interactions with 2 or more people who are all friends, or "homies."
Alex and Brandon were best friends before Nicole fucked em both. That homie hoppers got em trippin.
by whoever I wana be March 21, 2006
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A girl who tries to get with a guy and then after she's had sex with them moves on to their friends to have sex with them. Basically hopping from "homie to homie".
Dude, that psycho chick Amanda Kelley is such a homie hopper; she hooked up with DJ and then his friend Marino and now she wants all of his friends' nuts!!
by geo111 May 30, 2009
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stormi headrick, someone who is “ran thru” by a group of friends
yooo look at stormi.. she’s such a homie hopper
by ekd May 10, 2022
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a girl who sleeps with all her boyfriends friends
She doesn't know who her babys daddy is because she's a homie hopper.
by hollydolly August 7, 2007
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A person who dates one person and when that is over, they try to date that person’s friend, then when that is over (either they finish attempting to date that person, or they actually succeed and then the relationship ends), they try to date one of that person's friends; who may or may not be friends with the original person.
Can you believe Milton tried to hit on me? Oh my gosh, are you kidding? I would never date that guy, he JUST went out with Paulina, AND Jamima, he is SUCH a homie hopper
by Roxichka August 22, 2008
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