To slap someone across the face with one's penis.
Those dudes are always mushroom slapping each other.
by Nate Fergus February 3, 2003
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if someone happens to be getting fresh with you, mushroom slap them. This means pulling out your jimmy and making solid contact with their facial region.
C-dav definitely mushroom slapped that girl last period because she said "oh my gosh guys guess what happened?"
by drew s April 12, 2004
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Being slapped with a wang. Usually a hard wang.
"So this chick was blowin' some guy one day, and he pulled out and gave her a mushroom slap!"
by D.Socko May 9, 2004
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When you slap someone with your soft circumcised penis causing a small red mushroom shaped mark on the skin from the head of the penis.
Dude I mushroom slapped her last night right on the cheek, it left a red mark!
by Aiden07321 June 6, 2010
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When a guy takes his hard dick, and swings it as hard as he can, hitting a person (hopefully a girl) on her body with his mushroom. If done correctly it will leave a mushroom imprint for several minutes with a lasting red spot afterwards.

(not easy to do)
ex) mushroom slap her in the face and it will leave a mark. very funny. total ownage
by Mushroom slap 696969 May 15, 2009
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When u slap a bitch so hard with ur pee pee that she gets goes retarded
I herd Jenny got the mushroom slap of death now she’s in in special ed class
by Grass man December 11, 2019
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After having anal sex to slap someone across the face with one's penis leaving a rectal juice mark. mushroom slap
James:"Hey Ron what happened to Adee's face?"
Rondel:"After taking her ass virginity, I gave her a chocolate mushroom slap and I guess I left a mark."
by James izzle April 14, 2005
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