Something that wogs and wog wannabes will say to make themselves look cool in their high school.

If you are stating facts and what you are saying is the truth about someone/something, these stupid fucks will start screaming at you like the tards that they are and they will say you are “talking shit” about said someone/something.
Stupid wog wannabe: OI BRO ARE YOU TALKING SHIT?!
Normal Person: Wait, what? All I did was say that Tony punched me because I said that I preferred to not tell him if I “had a big dick”.
Wog Wannabe: OI TONY BRO!
Normal Person: I didn’t say anything in a negative form besides the FACT that you punched me because I said no to telling you my penis size.
Wog Wannabe: Fuck outta here bro! You are an idiot!
Normal Person: Did you just call me an idiot? Now you are being a hypocrite! You said I was “talking shit” but now here you are “talking shit”. Plus you have a much lower intelligence level than I do meaning that you are being a hypocrite by calling me an idiot. You probably are unable to comprehend, let alone understand what I am currently saying.
Wog Wannabe: I don’t know a single word that you just said, now fuck off.
Normal Person runs off, laughing his ass off knowing he just destroyed the unintelligent person. Tony was shocked at what he heard and vowed to never use the stupid phrase “talking shit” ever again, realising people like Normal Person would destroy people like Wog Wannabe with FACTS.
by Intelligent Individual January 22, 2019
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1. When some body is saying something to someone about else that is NOT true( you could argue that if its the truth then its not necessarily "talking shit"

2. When someone is rambling on talking about things that don't make sense
1. Nikki: why are you talking shit about me to my sister?

Mollie: i just told her the truth.

2. Mr Dude: do you think trees can talk to each other? Like read each others minds?
Other Dude: stop talking that mad shit Mr Dude
by Dalindabear January 12, 2017
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Saying something (usually mean) about someone, and when confronted straight up denying - and even saying the opposite of what you had said.
Shelby: OhhEMMMGEEE Helga is such a whore!
Anne: Really?!

***5 minutes later***
Anne: Shelby is Talking Shit about you
Helga: What?!

***10 minutes later***

Helga: So I'm a whore?
Shelby: What? Who said that? That is so mean! I can't believe anyone would call you that!
by MyDefinitionisCorrect November 18, 2010
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Most of Urban Dictionary's definitions. This place has really gone downhill.
Dictionary definition of Atheist:
Disbelief in a god.
Urban Dictionary:
A fedora wearing neckbeard who has no lyfe and is a 40 yr old virgin hurr durr!!
Talking shit is Urban Dictionary's only purpose...
by Talking shit September 18, 2014
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Usually done on the internet or from a faraway distance (kept beyond an open arms length away), but sometimes done within earshot.
Talking shit to Mike on the internet is hilarious.
by Solid Mantis May 15, 2017
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talking shit covers a wide range of topics. talking for no reason is in fact...talking shit. talking shit could also be called "bashing", or "trash talking".
"sosf are a bunch of pussies, i would totally fucking smash them at a show. too bad they dont like real hardcore."
that is talking shit. whoever says stuff like this is most likelty a stoner, or a scene kid.

"eew dude, brush your fucking teeth. it smells like youre talking straight shit!"

"yeah so i was giving this bitch a rim job, and...*friend interupts* stop talking shit!!!"
by snaggletoothnigga November 26, 2009
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When someone is talking bad to you
Areyon is a bitch ass boi that sucks dick for Kendrick Lamar albums I’m always talking shit about him
by Blueface baby February 19, 2019
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