The most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. She's super pretty, smart, funny, and will make you smile. When you talk to her, you feel the best you've ever felt. You get nervous when you talk to her, because you don't want to mess anything up, so you make a joke to make her laugh. She has the BEST smile you'll ever see in your life!
Friend: Who is she!
Me: She's my Mollie. Mmhmm.
by ChillBruh April 7, 2015
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very kind-hearted unless you piss her off, however is still there if you need her! Most Mollie's are hot but they don't know it and are very insecure. They listen to music a lot to get away from things. And loves to perform, Very trust worthy, if you have a mollie you shouldn't let her go as she'll be hard to forget and you won't be able to find someone like her again. Normally has Great Blue Eyes and is a medium height
by KingMKI January 4, 2014
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She is kind-hearted, She will bend over backwards just to maske sure a friend is happy. She will always be there even if it's 2:00am. She is caring and very compasssionate, can be abit over dramatic but also mellow at times. Tall and proud but can look down on her self a lot. Listens to lotys of music just to get awayfrom things, If you have a Mollie in your life never let her go because she could be the last great one you meet. She is trusty be can be a bit un reliable, Avery emotional person who is always thinking of others. She is Taller than normal people and her big brown eyes will melt yours at the sight of the, when you seeand meet a Mollie dont let her go.
Dude your so lucky to have her whats her name
Shes a mollie of course
by its_me_of_course October 13, 2013
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A nickname that usually applies to a girl who is incredibly nice to people and will do anything for her friends. Somebody like her is rare, and you shouldn't lose her. Chances are, you want to go out with her but she's already friendzoned you and she's going out with your best friend.
"Wow she's so nice!" Said Kai "She'll probably turn out to be a Mollie."
by AssholeMcAssholeson March 15, 2015
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Mollie is the best friend you could ever have. Any guy would fall for her. She is shy at first but when you get to know her she is CRAZY. She will only have a few enemies but alot of friends she is trustworthy and Beautiful
Mollie is so beautiful
by xx_mee.sosa_xx October 14, 2018
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Super sexy, really nice and funny, really sweet, and an all around amazing
Mollie is an amazing girl and i wish she would go out with me
by MizzouMan2895 February 8, 2011
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