When 2 people get together and exchange dialog about fecal matter.
Ray and Peter got together and were Talking Shit

Ray "peter, have you seen the nugget of shit on my floor?"

Peter "Oh yes! it was quiet fascinating, i had to save it in my pocket!"

Ray "it was such a lovley texture of poo that i dont blaime you"

Peter "do say ray! do say!, this lovley brown nugget of fresh poop i will spread in my pocket half on my pants dear sir!"

Ray "do say!"
by scottie axeman August 08, 2009
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1. talking the talk, but failing to walk the walk

2. Filling the air with noise pollution of constant garbage
1. Tore: I'll have at least 7 beers at Nicks 30th!!!
Everyone: stop talking shit cunt

2. Tore: tomorrow night...at the cross
Everyone: are you still talking shit?
by Criddy_B November 12, 2014
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Talking shit-

1. Talking a nonsensical or unrealistic way.

2. The art of not forming words properly due to a lack of energy or motivation, or an overload of inhibiting drugs.
1. Playar1: I'm so going to shag your three sisters when we get back to yours.
Playar2: I don't have any sisters. You're talking shit, mate. =/

2a. Player 1: So, I heard you liked fail ass french dishwasher for streetlamp agreeable?
Player 2: ... =/

2b. Person 1: Asdfgs hai lcoh pasrs coman hodang bitch.
Person 2: ...Just pass the fucking vodka =/
by Viscan August 10, 2007
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1. (v.) Speaking in derogatory terms of another or about a subject with which the speaker has little understanding.

2. (v.) To fart, rip ass
1. 'Don't listen to hizzle, my nizzle, he's just talking shizzle'

2. 'Hey, you talking shit again? I can smell it over here'
by G M$ney October 15, 2003
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Jane woke up and started talking shit to her boyfriend
Billy is a real caveman he's been talking shit all day
by J.Dee. February 13, 2014
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When a person goes behind another back to talk personally about them or spread rumors usually in a bad light
"Susan is such a whore she had sex with seventeen men in this week alone."
"Amy you need to stop talking shit!"
by Whatupyo April 03, 2016
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The kinda crap my mom talks about my dad, other people she knows, and strangers.
Mom: {my name}, why would that woman wear something that draws attention to her ass when it's so big?
In my head: geez mom, could you stop talking shit about people? God damn
by not_agreste July 13, 2019
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