1) To intentionally receive a bullet that was supposed to be for someone else.

2) To be able to hold any consequences for protecting someone's personality, values and interests.
1) The criminal was about to shoot my girlfriend but I stood in front of her and took the bullet instead.

2) My anti-anime dad found an eroge game at my younger sister's bedroom and now judges her as a "worthless daughter". So I come up and take a bullet for her by explaining to my dad that if he takes away all the anime, manga, eroge and specially her friends whom she made thanks to her interests and values, she won't be the same anymore and will be someone she isn't. I also added the eroge game was mine and that I just asked her to hold it for me.
by Yumisekai July 10, 2011
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To be the designated driver for the nite
Thanks Elena for driving home from the Rancid show last nite! Next show, I'll take the bullet so no one gets a DUI.
by hbsteels September 21, 2008
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Like give your life for someone. Like if someone you love is about to get shot, you would jump in front of them And take the bullet.
Me in real life: I’d take a bullet for my bf anytime
by ClownEgirl August 5, 2020
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Giving a friend head and swallowing all his jizz. Or performing the same flavour favour when confronted with a choice.
Both cocks were in front of me so I ended up taking the bullet and sucking off my good friend.
by Portuguese Taxi June 13, 2013
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When you want to give someone who means everything to you the one thing that is yours to give. Your life.
It is not an easy choice; well thought out and flawlessly executed.
An imperfect end to all that ever was.
May you never know how that feels.
I knew a sweet guy once, felt that he shouldn't exist. He offered me his life so very long ago, with a bullet in mind.
I'd take a bullet instead.
Just to prove that he was important.
by Echo Nova April 25, 2021
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